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At the Falkland Islands Community School our aim is to develop well-balanced young adults, ready if they chose to go out into the wider world, to lead happy and fulfilling lives and to contribute, positively and generously.

We provide every student with individual attention and support. The school's tailored approach means that students benefit from extensive one-to-one time with their tutor providing the academic and pastoral encouragement they need to achieve their full potential as individuals.

We believe students do best when they learn to relish every opportunity and discover their own individual talents and interests, exploring them to the best of their

abilities. Students are encouraged to experience as wide a range as possible of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities, all of which helps them to discover areas where they can flourish and excel.

Education is not about moulding, nor are children end products. We believe that education is an exciting process, organic and ongoing; that students learn better actively, growing up in secure surroundings, than if passively taught; that to lead successful lives, at school and beyond, each needs to be prepared to give of his or her own talents and to value those of others.

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